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Our services

  • Creating a subsidiary

    – We assist you in the selection & definition of the legal structure, its registration in the public agencies (tax agencies, etc.), as well as the opening of bank accounts…

  • Administration of your business

    – Accounting & tax: head-office reporting.
    – Suppliers invoice reception, processing & payment.
    – Customers invoice issue & cashing.
    – Import/exports coordination & processing.

  • Part -Time CFO

    – Your business structure is quite small, but you want to secure or bring dynamism to the management & finance functions, through the support of an expert, a few days per month.

  • Interim management

    – For some weeks your company has no CFO, but you just want the intervention of an external expert in order not to affect the daily operations.

  • Consulting

    – We can take part in the support of all functions to optimize their costs, results & organization, accompanying the teams in their development.

  • Audit missions

    – Given a governance change or concerns about numbers, we provide a very operational audit.
    – Punctual or recurring audit, we adapt our organization to your needs.

Functions we can provide

Click on the tabs to discover all the functions provided by BPO Solver:

– Reception & accounting of supplier invoices
– Emission & collection of customer invoices
– Scanning of accounting documents
– Accounting entries (assets, provisions, stocks…)
– Analysis of accounts & bank conciliations
– Preparation of monthly & annual tax returns
– Statutory Consolidation with head-office
– Tracking of the corporate books
– Signature of balance & audit by a third party


 Some local specifications:
– Withholding tax at source: VAT, turnover tax
– Embargo s/ web
– Replacement values
– Electronic invoicing

Corporate management (in collaboration with lawyers): follow-up of assemblies, powers & authorizations management, Registry of Commerce & General Inspection of Justice (IGJ)
– Legal: litigation & contracts tracking
– Insurance: follow-up of policies & files administration
– Various administrative formalities & procedures


 Some local specifications:
– Obligation to have a majority of residents in the directory.
– NPDP Registry

– Monitoring of the treasury, cash-flow
– Management of collections from customers & third parties
– Preparation of payments to suppliers & third parties, either by check or electronically
– Follow-up of checks in circulation
– Exchange transactions
– Double bank signature
– Electronic banking


Some local specifications:
– Foreign exchange control & documents submitted to Central Bank (BCRA) – (circ. 3602 & 4237)
– Deferred checks

– Monthly reports tailored to local needs & head-office specifications
– Budget preparation + regular updating
– Follow-up by cost centers
– Monitoring of the volume / price effect (inflationary context) / exchange effect
– Industrial costs
Some local specifications:
– Inflation (between 20% & 30% per year)
– Basket of currencies (ARS/USD/EUR)

– Customer credit: regular economic evaluation of customers, determination of customer credit levels per account, overall customer tracking & irrecoverable provisions
– Stocks: Management of sales forecasting & supply, stocks tracking (slow rotation, short-expiration), slow-rotation & obsolescence provisions
– Selling statistics
– Interface with local distributor


Some local specifications:
- Inventories valuation at replacement value
– Local accounting vs. IFRS

– Registration in the Importer/Exporter Registry
– Imports: assembly of the imports file & transmission to the customs broker. Customs duties payment & accounting, imports costs tracking, administration of temporary admissions & corresponding caution insurances
– Exports: assembly of the export file & transmission to the customs broker. Export taxes payment & accounting, international transport booking
– Coordination between customs broker & international carrier (forwarder)
Some local specifications:
- Preparation & recovery of export taxes (VAT)
– Exchange control on exports
– Various protectionist measures (DJAI, …)


– Payroll
– Social Security payments & declaration
– Maintenance of employees files
– Preparation & monitoring of HR budgets
– Recruitment coordination
– Temporary recruitment agency coordination
– Management of labor disputes


Some local specifications:
– Wage increases (+/- 30 % inflation)
– Significant dismissal compensations (1 month/year old)

– Coordination & maintenance of IT infrastructure (PCs & servers)
– Systems Implementation
– Fixed & Mobile Phones
– Research & evaluation of technology solutions (hardware & software)
– “BPO” Management Systems

– Search for offices
– Rental contracts negotiation & tracking
– Coordination of facilities & services

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