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2016 – June 9th – BPO Solver opens new offices

BPO Solver has just inaugurated new offices located strategically in the down town of Buenos Aires: on Diagonal Norte Ave., between the Obelisk and Plaza de Mayo and at a block of distance from the subway station Catedral.


2015 – November 12nd – Gala dinner at the French Embassy – BPO Solver sponsorship

The CCIFA (French- Argetinean Chamber of Commerce & Industry), once again kindly hosted us at the iconic Palace Ortiz Basualdo to enjoy the gala dinner offered to the benefit of the FEFA (Fondation d’Entreaide des Français en Argentine) and “Casa Rafael”.

Solver BPO had the pleasure of participating as sponsor.


2014 – November 19th – Gala dinner at the French Embassy – BPO Solver sponsorship

On the occasion of the commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the founding of the CCIFA (French- Argetinean Chamber of Commerce & Industry), held at the iconic French Embassy, recently renovated, Mr. Ambassador, Jean – Michel CASA kindly hosted us at the iconic Palace Ortiz Basualdo to enjoy the gala dinner offered to the benefit of the FEFA (Fondation d’Entreaide des Français en Argentine) and « Casa Rafael ».


Solver BPO had the pleasure of participating as a sponsor (as well as the following international companies: Alcatel Lucent, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Crédit Agricole and Michelin).


2014 - July 3rd - Conference on « Risks management » sponsored by the CCIFA

The French-Argentinian Chamber of Commerce & Industry has the pleasure to invite you to the Administration & Finance Commission’s breakfast, that will take place next thursday July 3rd 9:00 am. SUBJECT: “Risks management: how to face them from the administration & finance point of view” SPEAKER: Jean Girard, BPO Solver’s CEO. PLACE: Deloitte […] If you want to see the presentation, please click here


2014 - April 30th - BPO Solver website launch

BPO Solver publishes its website in three languages (French, Spanish & English) in order to open a new channel of communication & diffusion of its services. To see more, go to:


2013 - July 7th - Article & Conference on « Ley de Mecenazgo” (“Law of Patronage »)

An article was published in PERSPECTIVES, CCIFA’s magazine (To read the whole article in Spanish on CCIFA’s website, please click here), on this tax benefit, so little known by companies despite its great interest as its simple implementation. Special Conference on “Ley de Mecenazgo” : This conference, organized by the BPO Solver & the CCIFA, […]


2013 - April 13th - BPO Day on « Transfer Price »

BPO Solver & the CCIFA organized for 01/25/2014, another meeting in the framework of “Days BPO”. This time the subject was the “Transfer Price” in Argentina , with the special participation of MAZARS Argentina. This was an opportunity for registered participants to benefit from a private & confidential counseling session with specialists in the field. […]


2012 - November 28th - Annual Gala Dinner in the residence of the Ambassador of France

The Ambassador of France in Argentina hosted a gala dinner at his home in Martínez on behalf of the Foundation for Assistance to the French in Argentina, the Children’s Home Emmaüs & Casa Rafael. BPO SOLVER, for the 2nd consecutive year, sponsored the event, along with BNP, AIR FRANCE, CLUB MED, GIVENCHY… Photo: Ambassador Jean-Pierre […]


2012 - November 2nd – BPO Day on « Sales Forecasting & Supply Chain »

This time, the goal is to help companies to: – Optimize their sales forecasting process to achieve optimal predictability in all products – Have a process of “Supply Chain” that will allow the right products to be available, at the right time, in an efficient way, while optimizing the stocks. BPO Supply Chain Basic Principles […]


2012 – September 15th - Article on innovative services in Argentina

The CCIFA published in his magazine “Perspectives” special edition for its tenth anniversary, a particularly edition dedicated to The innovative services in Argentina. BPO SOLVER is pleased to be part of the companies mentioned in the article. If you want to learn more about it, you can go on the CCIFA’s website:


2012 - July 10th - BPO Day on « Imports blocking » at CCIFA’s facilities

The aim of this BPO Day is to give assistance free of charge, to the companies that consider threatened their imports, because of various restrictions. The basic principles that must be respected: – Impeccable files presented to AFIP & BCRA – A promise of concrete investments or a favorable trade balance. Companies are received individually […]


2012 - April 1st - Launch of the « BPO Days » together with the CCIFA

Since April 2012, the Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Argentina proposed the “BPO Days” (“Jornadas BPO”). The aim of this activity is to provide a service in which SMEs or those willing to start a business in Argentina could benefit from the advice of a experienced professional in management. Jean GIRARD, BPO Solver’s VP, […]


2012 - January 1st - Business Guide Argentina 2012

UBIFRANCE launches a business guide about Argentina. The purpose of this guide is to give to your company the main keys to doing business on this market. You will find a quick overview at business opportunities sector by sector. The section devoted to the sale & implementation is very concrete & includes testimonials from lawyers […]


2011 - December 1st - Gala dinner at the Ambassador of France’s residence

The Ambassador of France in Argentina offered a gala dinner at his residence in Martínez on behalf of the Foundation for Assistance to French of Argentina & Casa del Niño Emmaüs. BPO Solver sponsored the event along with BNP, AIR FRANCE, CHANDON, GIVENCHY & Louis DREYFUS.


2011 - November 1st – Accompaniment Mission TOTAL – UBIFRANCE

Presentation of “Elements to think about for a good start of activities in Argentina” to different companies, held by BPO Solver, within the framework of the economic mission carried out by TOTAL in Argentina, UBIFRANCE & the CCI of Lyon & Marseille.


2011 - September 30th - Constitution of BPO Solver SRL

Constitution of BPO Solver SRL: 30/9/2011, in the Registry of Commerce of the City of Buenos Aires (CABA), Argentina. CUIT: 30-71210565-4 It was published in the Boletín Oficial (Official Gazette) on 13/10/2011 under No. 32,254, page 6. Jean GIRARD was appointed managing partner.

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